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SDC is a 36 year-old Engineering and IT company aimed at developing customized hardware solutions for its numerous customers in several industries.

From IoT to HPC, SDC provides services to some of the most relevant players in Brazilian telecommunications, transportation, broadcasting, manufacturing, aerospace and universities.

The SDC team comprises high level Engineers and IT specialists that design the best architecture, mission critical and highly available storage, and computing power, for many different software and hardware applications, including deep learning and neural networks.

SDC operates in Brazil,  Ecuador and Colombia, and Venezuela. 

We needed a solution that minimized the time and expense of cluster management.

Dr. Elbert E.N. Macau
Professor of Computing and Applied Mathematics at INPE

We are researchers, not sys admins, and prefer to spend our time on science. We chose Bright because it’s efficient, easy to learn and use, and takes little of our time to get the most out of our HPC cluster. Further, we needed a solution that would easily scale as we expand our system.

Dr. Irapuan Rodrigues
Professor of Physics at UNIVAP