Global Partners

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Advanced Partners


E4 Computer Engineering

E4 Computer Engineering SpA was founded in 2002. Over the years, our company has specialised in the production of professional IT systems and planning integration into existing frameworks, in order to provide solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC) and more standard Enterprise systems.  The company also provides turnkey Data Centre packages.




HPCNow! provides its customers with solutions and technologies to deal with the most complex problems in High Performance Computing, such as cluster design, supercomputer administration and user support. HPCNow! offers consulting, system installation and administration, technical and scientific support, and training. Its service portfolio is specifically designed to help customers meet their needs during the life cycle of their computing and storage systems. At the same time, due to a high degree of specialization and extensive experience, HPCNow! offers high-level management and support services, with support cases being directly assigned to the person or team with the abilities to address them.



Member Partners

do-it.jpgDo IT Systems

Do IT Systems has many years of experience in the industrial high performance computing market, and is one of the few European systems integrators to offer remote HPC management. Do IT collaborates with hardware vendors, resellers and end users to provide innovative HPC solutions to organisations that range from small academic groups to large multinationals that operate in the industrial and manufacturing domain.

This exotic blend of capabilities will require a sophisticated and easy to use management platform, in order to simplify, centralise and automate the administration of the many moving parts. I am delighted to have chosen Bright Computing's Bright Cluster Manager to fulfill this role.

Dr. Happy Sithole
Director of the CHPC

Bright is instrumental to our research at MARIN – it empowers our IT team to make optimal use of the software, while focusing on the research. It is the best tool for the job.

Dr. Henk Prins
Manager Research & Development at MARIN