Technology Partner Sylabs



Singularity is an open source-based container platform designed for scientific and high-performance computing (HPC) environments, used by more than 25,000 top academic, government, and enterprise users. Singularity is installed on more than 3 million cores and trusted to run over a million jobs each day. Sylabs are the lead developers behind Singularity and provide both community and commercial support.  Bright Cluster Manager makes it easy to deploy and allocate some or all of your server infrastructure to running Singularity containers, and change that allocation dynamically as demand for resources changes. The result is an efficient clustered infrastructure with high utilization rates, regardless of what kinds of jobs your user community needs.  


About Sylabs

Sylabs is changing how people use containers. It was founded with the mission to advocate for open source technologies while providing high-performance computing container solutions as well as professional support and services. Sylabs’ capabilities for machine learning, deep learning, and compute driven analytics satisfy a broad range of customer needs that take enterprise and HPC commercial markets to the next level. The company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and is backed by RStor, the only multi-cloud platform that enables organizations to compute, connect, and operate above the cloud.

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