Bright Computing and Cloudera

Bright Cluster Manager is certified on Cloudera Enterprise, enabling enterprise customers to deploy and manage big data projects with ease. Bright Cluster Manager allows customers to build and configure a complete cluster on bare metal, eliminating the complexity involved with installing, configuring, and managing a cluster, and empowering customers to lower their operating expenses, and reduce system down time.

“Cloudera Enterprise is a leading choice for organizations that need an enterprise-grade solution to handle their data analysis,” said Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen, founder and CEO of Bright Computing. “Bringing Bright Cluster Manager and Cloudera Enterprise together provides customers with the most complete management solution for big data available today.”

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Cloudera Enterprise enables customers to store, process, manage, secure, and analyze all of their data even more effectively than before, enabling them to modernize their IT infrastructure with a true enterprise data hub. Together Cloudera and Bright enable organizations to quickly and reliably deploy big data projects that provide a competitive advantage.


-Tim Stevens, Vice President of Business and Corporate Development for Cloudera

About Cloudera

Cloudera delivers the modern platform for data management and analytics. It provides the world’s fastest, easiest, and most secure Apache Hadoop platform to help you solve your most challenging business problems with data.

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