Bright Computing and Talligent

Bright OpenStack is fully integrated with Talligent’s advanced proprietary Openbook billing software for OpenStack clouds.

Openbook supports key cost and capacity reporting requirements for an efficient OpenStack cloud deployment. Its integration with Bright OpenStack is a huge benefit for users who operate OpenStack clouds, especially when multiple clients, departments, or teams are sharing resources and a chargeback or usage reporting mechanism is required.

Read more on the Talligent – Bright technology partnership here.

"The shift to cloud for IT service delivery requires a management model focused on cost and capacity control. The key to running an efficient OpenStack cloud is providing clear visibility of resource usage and related charges to all stakeholders — tenant, operators, and executives. Integration with Bright OpenStack will make it easier than ever for customers to add these essential functions to their OpenStack cloud deployments."

-Sanjay Mishra, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Talligent

About Talligent

Talligent empowers enterprises and service providers to deploy production ready OpenStack clouds by providing visibility and control of cloud infrastructure consumption. They are OpenStack experts who knows its capabilities and develops solutions that take advantage of OpenStack’s key benefits without vendor lock-in. Talligent OpenBook provides the functionality to turn your private or public cloud into an efficient and automated multi-tenant environment.

For more information, visit talligent.com.