Technology Partner Univa



Univa Grid Engine is a workload management solution that provides scheduling capabilities to both Big Data and Big Compute applications. Bright Cluster Manager is a unified solution for provisioning, monitoring and managing HPC clusters. And now they are bundled together.

The combined solution provides the full spectrum of cluster management function through a single, intuitive graphical user interface and management shell to system administrators who have complete visibility and control over every aspect of their clusters and gain productivity through the tight integration of the two products. 

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"Another driver for this selling partnership is demand from our mutual OEM partners. One large systems vendor in particular has standardized on both of our products. It’s operationally more efficient to have a single SKU, a single source, for them to work with."

-Rob Secontine, VP of Sales and Marketing at Univa


About Univa

Univa is the leading innovator in workload management and containerization solutions. Univa's suite includes the world's most trusted workload optimization solution enabling organizations to manage and optimize distributed applications, containers, data center services, legacy applications, and Big Data frameworks in a single, dynamically shared set of resources.

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