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Intel_logo“Bright Cluster Manager makes it easy to build highly compatible, ready-to-run clusters using Intel Xeon processors. We are pleased that Bright is bringing the same ease of use and administration to Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. ”

John Lee, General Manager - HPC, Intel


nvidia logo-1NVIDIA

“Bright Cluster Manager provides a comprehensive solution for installation and configuration of accelerated clusters and the robust ecosystem of third-party supporting tools”

“With support for the latest CUDA Toolkit, Bright Computing builds on its well-established track record of supporting NVIDIA’s latest GPU innovations for the HPC industry.”

— Duncan Poole, Strategic Alliances Manager for Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA



"Bright’s deep infrastructure knowledge and systems integration experience, coupled with Bright Cluster Manager and Bright OpenStack, has equipped us with all the tools necessary to administer our clustered infrastructure as a single entity, provisioning the hardware, operating system, and cloud framework from a single interface.”

“We were able to reduce costs by streamlining cluster management, simplifying data center complexity, and providing a gateway to both private and public clouds through Bright OpenStack.”

— Fabrice Cantos, HPC Operations Manager of NeSI/NIWA 



Boeing logo

“Bright Cluster Manager’s rapid rebooting across nodes has reduced our node provisioning by a factor of ten, and it’s done with a few mouse-clicks.”

— Greg Siekas, High Performance Computing Technical Lead at Boeing

“This supports one of Boeing’s IT priorities to realize productivity gains by streamlining processes and tools to eliminate waste.”

— Luis Gutierrez, ITI Global Data Center and Server Infrastructure Director at Boeing


National Institute of Aerospace

National Institute of Aerospace logo

“Bright’s tech support is awesome.”

“Even with an open source installation, I would have had to procure umpteen different software packages. That would have skyrocketed the cost. From a hit-the-ground-running point of view, Bright just had everything we needed.”

— Wendy Murray, IT Director at National Institute of Aerospace



dhi-group"DHI Group is involved in some really exciting projects such as supporting offshore wind exploration to lower costs and support the green transition. These globally important areas of research demand state of the art technology and that’s where the HPC solution from Dell and Bright Computing comes in."

"Bright Cluster Manager is simple to use but powerful. We are currently using it to manage our HPC environment, and we are excited to explore how Bright can support our deep learning and our edge environments in the future."

Ole Svenstrup Petersen, Marine and Maritime R&D Area Manager at DHI Group




"All it takes is to simply set the new compute servers to network (PXE) boot and point the network card (MAC) address to the appropriate image that we want installed. Bright does the rest - fully automating the installation. Bright Cluster Manager has also simplified the administration of Bucknell’s Slurm workload manager, helping to seamlessly manage partitions and configuration options, and ensuring that the configurations are consistent across the environment. And, when it comes time to upgrade our systems, we simply update the server image once and Bright pushes the changes out to every server in the cluster".  

Jeremy Dreese, Systems Integrator, Bucknell University 




"When we first started out, the Flatiron Institute had very little staff. As we began to transition into a larger organization, we had to figure out how to manage a growing set of resources — but still with that limited staff.Bright Cluster Manager offered us a fully supported cluster management solution that allowed our team to manage our compute resources more efficiently with very little overhead. We first deployed Bright at the Flatiron Institute when we grew from a 16-node cluster to 120 nodes, and Bright has been managing the system ever since."

Ian Fisk, Ph.D., Scientific Computing Core Co-Director, Flatiron


The Louisiana Optical Network Infrastructure

LONI-Logo"LONI had previously used a homegrown cluster management system that presented a myriad of challenges including lack of a graphical user interface (GUI), daunting complexity for new employees, and proneness to out-of-sync changes and configurations. Likewise, the do-it-yourself infrastructure we had placed constraints on end-users due to a lack of knowledge continuity concerning cluster health, performance, and capability. By leveraging a commercial solution such as Bright Cluster Manager, we now have an enterprise-grade cluster management solution that embodies the required skills and expertise needed to effectively manage our HPC environment."

Lonnie Leger, Executive Director, LONI


San Diego Supercomputer Center 

sdsc"With Expanse, SDSC has made a strategic decision to partner with Bright Computing to leverage their deep bench of expertise and technical support. As the number and complexity of HPC systems we operate has grown, we need systems management tools that keep up with the technological rate of change. With Bright Cluster Manager, we’re able to spend less time on systems administration and more time helping users be productive. An hour saved in a systems administration task is an hour we can spend on user-facing activities like I/O optimization or implementing a complex job workflow."

Shawn Strande, Deputy Director, SDSC



Simula-white"The eX3 infrastructure allows Norwegian HPC researchers and their international collaborators to explore bleeding-edge hardware and software that will be instrumental to the coming generation of supercomputers. In particular, this ambition calls for a unique system offering extreme heterogeneity at all technology levels. The eX³ infrastructure is funded for five years through the RCN program for national research infrastructures. In addition to the host institution Simula, the project consortium also includes the national HPC management body Sigma2, HPC research groups from the University of Tromsø, NTNU, and the University of Bergen, as well as the HPC technology providers Graphcore, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, and Numascale."

— Professor Are Magnus Bruaset, Research Director for Software Engineering and HPC, Simula



Simula-white"The two main reasons that we chose Bright Cluster Manager were for its heterogeneity and the speed which it can deploy and manage software. Bright will allow me to nimbly reconfigure and provision new topologies on the fly, supporting the dynamic nature of our high-performance research projects."

— Tore Heide Larsen, Senior Research Engineer, Simula 


University of Siegen

Logo_uni_siegen_rgb"We have had nothing but positive experiences with Bright Cluster Manager and the Bright support team. I would highly recommend the technology. Bright increases the performance of my team by automating many everyday tasks, freeing my team to concentrate on delivering exceptional service to our university departments."

Daniel Harlacher, HPC Team Leader at University of Siegen


University of North Dakota

und-logo"Bright gives UND the tools we need to effectively manage our supercomputing environment, and I feel confident that we can meet any new requirements that arise in the coming years.” He added; “Bright software makes it easy for us train new staff to deploy, provision, and manage our clustered infrastructure for HPC, Data Science, and Cloud; all integrated, and all from a single point of control. We can deploy Ceph nodes, install standard HPC products, roll out cloud features, introduce data science packages, all from a single interface with robust enterprise-grade support. Moreover, if we ever exceed resources, Bright allows us to burst our workload to commercial cloud services."

— Aaron Bergstrom, Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Manager, UND


Fayetteville State University

fayetteville"Bright Cluster Manager is the obvious choice for our clustered infrastructure needs. So, upgrading to the latest version made perfect sense. We are delighted with the close relationship we have built with Data In Science in order to carry out the upgrade quickly, and cause minimal impact to daily business."

Dr. Sambit Bhattacharya, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Fayetteville State University


University of Southampton

southampton"We have a worldwide customer base and have worked with the British Cycling Team for the last three Olympic games, as well as working with teams involved in the America’s Cup yacht race. In the past 10 years, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has become a perfectly valid commercial activity, reducing the need for physical experimentation. CFD gives as good an answer as the wind tunnel, without the need to build models, so you can speed up research whilst reducing costs. Iridis 5 will enable the Wolfson Unit to get more accurate results, whilst looking at more parameters and asking more questions of computational models."

Sandy Wright, Principal Research Engineer, Wolfson Unit at the University of Southampton


Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine

nipm"We had very specific requirements for the new supercomputer and we are delighted we put our trust in Advanced HPC and Bright Computing. Advanced HPC got the new system up and running in just a few hours, and the Bright technology offers a zero-touch management solution that frees our researchers to focus on data analysis."

— Richard Young, System Engineer, NIPM 


Oldenburg University

Oldenburg logo

There were three compelling reasons for Oldenburg to choose to reinvest with Bright. Firstly, Bright helps you to get your HPC environment up and running very quickly. Secondly, Bright makes it incredibly easy to manage your HPC environment which takes a lot of pressure of the IT Services team. Thirdly, Bright is a very robust and reliable, so our team is free to focus on other tasks.”

— Dr. Stefan Harfst, Oldenburg University



Computerome logo

“Research projects are competitive by nature, so it’s an advantage to carry out analysis efficiently to produce results as quickly as possible. Bright allows this to happen.”

“Integration is nearly always an issue when aligning two organisations, but Bright integrated into Computerome seamlessly. The Bright team was responsive and flexible, and very focused.”

— Peter Løngreen, Head of High-Performance Computing & IT at CBS


University of Exeter

Exeter logo

“I couldn’t believe that it only took 4 hours to install the Bright software and get our new cluster live, and then just 20 hours to be entirely operational.”

“Bright makes cluster management very little effort. The support team at Bright are very responsive. It’s clear to see Bright’s value for money when delivery is achieved in such a short time.”

— Dr. M D Sharma, Research Fellow, University of Exeter


BioMed X

BioMed X logo

“Bright Computing allows us to concentrate on our research projects instead of spending too much time on IT administration tasks.”

“Bright Computing has made it really straightforward to build and operate our HPC environment, offering an easy to manage solution which enables us to perform a variety of calculations in order to drive our research.”

— Dr. Simone Fulle, Group Leader at BioMed X


Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute logo

“We have access to a tremendous amount of existing technology in traditional HPC clusters, and will use the Bright-powered big data cluster as a test bed to see how different technology might make our simulations easier to implement or speed up processing.”

— Keith Bisset, Senior Research Scientist at VBI

My job would become very difficult if we stopped using Bright Cluster Manager. Bright makes managing our complex system intuitive and easy so I can focus on keeping the consumers of our HPC services productive.”

— Bill Marmagas, Senior Systems Engineer at VBI 

“Bright Cluster Manager plays an essential role in our success serving our customers. With Bright, we deliver reliable compute services rapidly, with minimal disruption. This allows us to keep our operating expenses at a minimum.”

— Kevin Shinpaugh, Director of Information Technology and High Performance Computing at VBI



CHPC logo

“This exotic blend of capabilities will require a sophisticated and easy to use management platform, in order to simplify, centralise and automate the administration of the many moving parts. I am delighted to have chosen Bright Computing's Bright Cluster Manager to fulfil this role.”

— Dr. Happy Sithole, Director of the CHPC


Van Andel Institute

Van Andel Institute logo

“Using Bright reduces the labor and effort needed for management and change control, and also facilitates the accelerating trend toward cloud computing.”

“Although our existing workloads are 90 percent cluster/grid, we expect to move toward the cloud in the future, and Bright offers an expandable and scalable turnkey solution for allocating resources. We can dynamically shift the ratio between cloud and cluster resources without down time.”

“We know that cloud computing is the wave of the future. The hybrid approach we are getting with Bright is providing a path that helps us transition. ”

— Zack Ramjan, Research Computing Architect at Van Andel Institute


Montana State University

Montana State University logo

“The UI has been great. Our users submit and monitor their own jobs with ease, and we can focus on monitoring and managing the cluster with increased facility and insight.”

— Pol Llovet, Associate Director of Cyberinfrastructure at Montana State University


Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology logo

“As scientists, we always are time constrained. Our priority is our research, not managing our clusters. Bright is intuitive to use and, with it, I can effectively manage my cluster without wasting time writing scripts, or synchronizing management tool revisions. Provisioning is fast and easy. I prefer this approach over open-source toolkits.”

— Dr. Akinori Yamanaka, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 

“Bright is particularly beneficial for program developers - especially CUDA developers.”

— Hiroshi Sato, HPCTech Engineering Manager at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology



MARIN logo

“Bright is instrumental to our research at MARIN — it empowers our IT team to make optimal use of the software, while focusing on the research. It is the best tool for the job.”

“Some of our customers seek advice from MARIN on the cluster management solution. We always recommend Bright.”

— Dr. Henk Prins, Manager Research & Development at MARIN



GWDG logo

“Bright has centralized the management of our HPC environment, absorbing complexity and promoting ease of use. It's fast to deploy and allows us to do more with less.”

— Christian Boehme, HPC Manager at GWDG


Arizona State University
ASU logo

“It used to take us two to three hours to deploy resources for a new project. With our Dell HPC cluster and tools like Bright Cluster Manager, we can stand up a new environment in 30 minutes.”

— Jay Etchings, Senior Architect for HPC and Research Computing at Arizona State University


Aircraft Design of the University of Stuttgart

University of Stuttgart logo

“Bright Cluster Manager is exceptionally user friendly and allows us to do basic management tasks quickly and efficiently.”

— Alexander Schön, Cluster Manager at Aircraft Design of the University of Stuttgart



VSC-3 logo

“The cluster can easily be managed and monitored by Bright Cluster Manager. This new cluster gives our scientists the tools they need for years to come.”

— Dr. Ernst Haunschmid, Technical Project Leader at VSC-3


Swiss National Supercomputing Centre

CSCS logo

“There’s a growing interest in production use of hybrid-architecture systems in our HPC centre. This means we need to be able to provision, monitor and manage systems with accelerators and coprocessors with minimal administrative overhead. Our evaluation of Bright Cluster Manager demonstrated that it met our needs in a satisfactory way.”

— Hussein Harake, HPC System Manager at CSCS



BingoCloud icon

“Bright Cluster Manager allowed us to rapidly integrate the most comprehensive and robust solution for managing the HPC services into BingoCloud.”

“Bright’s use of open standards, availability of a rich API, plus ability to support customized HPC configurations, makes for a natural fit in our IaaS platform.”

— Yang Qiu, BingoCloud Product Manager at BingoSoft

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MINES ParisTech

MINES ParisTech logo

“Bright significantly eases the day-to-day management of all HPC resources. For example, using Bright's capability to logically group nodes according to hardware type or location, we are able to rapidly perform scheduled service on a highly selective basis.”

“The Bright-enabled efficiency and effectiveness of our IT operations is already allowing us to improve the level of service we provide to our on and off-site researchers. In fact, most of our researchers are completely unaware that their materials-science HPC cluster is in fact a consolidated resource that spans two physical sites.”

— Gregory Sainte-Luce, Computer Network and Systems Engineer at Centre des Matériaux, MINES ParisTech

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EMD International

EMD logo

“The installation and initial integration of the cluster has run very smoothly, and was completed in less than one week time. In our project schedule we had expected this task to last much longer, so by selecting a joint Dell - ClusterVision solution, we have been able to focus our efforts in developing our new software services and linking it into our existing infrastructure.”

— Thorkild Guldager Sørensen, Software Developer and HPC System Administrator at EMD International

“The cluster was designed to provide an easy to manage, scalable solution. With Bright Cluster Manager, EMD International will be able to grow their computational capacity locally, or into the cloud using Bright’s built in cloud-bursting capabilities.”

— Steen Kronby, Solutions Director at EMD International


Tsinghua University

Tsinghua logo

“We needed a solution that would provide deep insights and better visibility into every aspect of our cluster. Bright’s highly intuitive interface gives us a complete view, including the ability to drill down to examine specific issues.”

“In addition, Bright provides a multi-OS image that gives us more control over every aspect of our cluster’s operations. As a result, our researchers can develop benchmark software more quickly because we minimize downtime for maintenance and troubleshooting performance issues.”

— Dr. Xue, Center for Earth System Science at Tsinghua University


Syracuse University

Syracuse logo

“We selected Bright Cluster Manager for its intuitive interface, ease of use and responsive support.”

“Bright makes sure you have the right drivers on the GPU and CPU nodes, so you don’t have to even think about it.”

“I don’t have days to search community news sites and HPC user message boards for fixes to broken open source tools. I need something where I could get support within 24 hours. My success is measured by my published results, and the educational experience of our students and graduate students. I am not measured on cluster management — but our cluster does have to work.”

— Dr. Robert Moucha, Assistant Professor at Syracuse University Earth Sciences Department


Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)

TACC logo

“It's been a great run. Bright and Fedora EPEL distros have saved a tremendous amount of time for me.”

“Bright's image-based provisioning lets me reconfigure Alamo on the fly to meet the specific needs of each researcher's compute jobs.”

“I click on a check box and the cluster management suite installs a server, sets up a client and I'm done. Further, Bright's ease of use and full integration with job schedulers have produced major time savings. I don't need to spend hours writing and maintaining scripts because everything just works.”

“I get dedicated product support, so I don't waste time searching forums and message boards for answers. In addition, I can easily reproduce any testing environment in minutes and rapidly deploy a new environment. My decision was based on minimizing the time required to manage the cluster: automatic time-consuming tasks and reducing complexity — balanced with providing a high level of service to our users. In the end, I selected Bright Cluster Manager.”

“The FutureGrid project calls for tremendous flexibility from the cluster management software. Aside from our own needs, we must meet the complex requirements of the FutureGrid community. For example, the Project calls for the ability to efficiently provision user-created software images for each experiment, without impairing productivity. Bright met this and all other challenges with ease.”

— David Gignac, Senior Systems Administrator for FutureGrid Cluster at TACC

“We were impressed with the Bright Cluster Manager demo at the SC09 conference and decided to make a detailed evaluation here at TACC. Our findings confirmed to us that Bright was what we needed: a powerful cluster management solution that is easy to use, flexible and very capable.”

“TACC always evaluates several vendors, and for this particular project Bright was the best choice.”

“Bright met our demanding requirements straight out of the box.”

— Tommy Minyard, Director of Advanced Computing Systems at TACC


Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University logo

“We needed a more sophisticated solution that would minimize the effort required to monitor and manage our computing clusters, Bright gives us full visibility to every aspect of our cluster in an intuitive GUI, and makes it fast and easy to make changes. Compared to the open source toolkits we were using, we typically save at least a day per month on just systems maintenance alone.”

“Another significant benefit we have seen here at the center is increased system productivity to analyze proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, the cluster churns massive datasets on an ongoing basis. Bright’s pre-job health checks ensure that poorly functioning nodes are excluded from job runs, preventing system-related job crashes while sending us alerts to speed problem resolution.”

“We get a lot more work done with Bright.”

— Dr. Justin MacCallum, Junior Fellow at Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology, Stony Brook University



INPE logo

“We needed a solution that minimized the time and expense of cluster management. With Bright, we are able to spend nearly all of our time simulating and investigating complex aerospace engineering models.”

“We chose Bright because its highly intuitive, integrated approach for managing our HPC cluster and associated libraries saves us a lot of time, and eliminates the need to hire staff to manage our cluster.”

— Dr. Elbert E.N. Macau, Professor of Computing and Applied Mathematics at INPE



Murex logo

“IT resources are rare these days and Bright Cluster Manager enabled us to avoid investing a huge number of man days rediscovering what others have already done, or re-developing something internally that we would have had to support for years. The possibility to extend our cluster with EC2 is perfectly suited to our usage since, from time to time, we need to run some benchmarks on huge test cases which exceed our own compute capacity.”

— Pierre Spatz, Head of Quantitative Analysis at Murex


Boise State University

Boise logo

“In the past, I've tasked graduate students with cluster management using open source toolkits. This approach was low cost, but time consuming on my part, and somewhat risky. At Boise State, we don't have the bandwidth to write scripts for node installation, synchronization or for ongoing cluster maintenance — which are extremely time-intensive tasks. Bright makes tackling these tasks fast and easy, and lets us automate a lot of important but tedious procedures.”

“Bright cuts my own workload by 50%, and pays for itself over and over in terms of headcount savings.”

“At one point, several of our nodes were rebooting for no apparent reason, Bright's support team advised me on how to secure shell (SSH) tunnel via web browser into our cluster. Within a very short period of time, our cluster was up and running again, and a situation that could have presented a major issue was averted.”

“Bright's responsive team is unparalleled in terms of their around-the-clock accessibility and problem-solving abilities. Your support was excellent!”

“I'm really starting to like your product. It saves me many configuration man hours and simplifies run-time administration. There is no way in hell I could run a one-man shop like this without Bright Cluster Manager.”

— Ken Blair, HPC Systems Engineer at Boise State University



SHAO logo

“Bright helps us manage our cluster with much less effort, so that we can concentrate on our investigation to better understand the formation and evolution of cosmic structures by comparing computational simulations with observational data.”

“Bright Cluster Manager is easier to install and manage than open source alternatives on the market. Because our scientists are also responsible for system administration, they are pleased to have a solution that allows them to spend less time on script-writing and more time on the science of understanding our universe.”

— Prof. Weipeng Lin, Associate Director at the SHAO for Galaxy and Cosmology



Scherm logo

“Bright enables us to change the operating system in our development cluster within seven minutes, to meet specific application testing requirements. This capability, combined with the ability to quickly test applications across multiple configurations has made it possible to reduce an array of clusters down to only one. We've experienced substantial savings in terms of hardware, maintenance and a reduction in staff hours.”

“An added benefit of moving to Bright Cluster Manager is the intuitive GUI. The GUI makes it very easy to manage our cluster, and the extensive features of Bright save us a lot of effort. We have full visibility to every aspect of our cluster, even down to the temperature of our GPUs.”

— Duan Wenchao, Senior Engineer at SGRI



ITA logo

“Based on our experience with Beowulf clusters, we were convinced that we'd need to hire a specialist to help with cluster management as we added more nodes to meet increasing compute demands, and to keep our system running. But after experiencing Bright, we decided that was entirely unnecessary. Our scientists can themselves monitor node health with ease, and can reboot specific nodes, if necessary, with the click of a mouse.  Critically, we manage our cluster with minimal time investment, so we can focus efforts on conducting research.”

— Erico Rempel, Associate Professor and Researcher at ITA



NCL Logo

“Bright Cluster Manager eliminates the complexity of managing and monitoring large clusters. Bright is vastly superior to the tools approach we have used in the past — it gives us total visibility and control of the cluster through its intuitive GUI. As a result, our customers are able to focus on conducting research rather than on cluster configuration and management.”

— Dr. Sudip Roy, Scientist at Physical Chemistry and Material Science Division at NCL

“For example, before selecting Bright, when we needed to change our cluster's master node IP address we had to reinstall the entire cluster from scratch. Bright offers advantages over our previous open source solution. This is a time consuming and frustrating process; one we want to avoid going forward. With Bright, we can change IP addresses on-the-go, without disruption. And we have started installing Bright on our older clusters to help manage all workloads more effectively.”

— Dr. Kumar Vanka, Scientist at NCL


Tokyo Institute of Technology

TokyoTech logo

“We scientists are time-constrained, our priority is our research, not managing our clusters. Bright is intuitive to use, and effectively manages my cluster without the need for me to waste time writing scripts, or synchronizing management tool revisions.”

“Provisioning is fast and easy tool of Bright. I prefer this approach over open source toolkits.”

— Dr. Akinori Yamanaka, Gordon Bell Prize Winner and an Assistant Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology



CSCC logo

“Our academic courses focus primarily on Windows-based networking and cyber security, so our students don't typically have a great deal of experience with Linux. Interns working on our Linux-based HPC cluster team needed a management solution that was easy-to-use. Bright Cluster Manager enabled them to quickly configure and test their HPC cluster, before running Linpack benchmarking assessments and performance tests.”

“A key success factor for the team was to use a management solution that required little time to learn and implement, yet that was capable of ensuring we met our ultimate objectives.”

— Prof. Dan J. Heighton, Professor of Cyber Security and HPC at CSCC



Avetec logo

“Many students lack direct, hands-on HPC experience. Bright Cluster Manager empowered the interns at our facility to quickly overcome many of the technical challenges posed by HPC cluster management.”

— Ronda Black, Systems Specialist at Avetec



ORNL logo

“When a job fails, the source of the problem is often difficult to identify. A job that crashes can run fine on another cluster, or even on the same cluster if you run it again. You can spend hours in the data center pulling your hair out, pulling up floor tiles, or worse. Is it the machine? The middleware? The code itself? Or the data? I spent a hundred hours or more over 5 months writing scripts to isolate the problem — a significant time investment, and a lot of crashed jobs.”

— Jesse Trucks, HPC Cyber Security Administrator at ORNL


Massey University

Massey logo

“What appealed to us about Bright Cluster Manager is that it is fully integrated and easy to use. It’s leaps and bounds better than anything we have worked with in the past.”

— Dr. James Avery, Massey University

“It’s especially useful that we can install new compute nodes to our cluster in minutes, or quickly re-purpose hardware. Bright minimizes the effort of tasks that previously took a lot of work, in a straightforward, intuitive manner. Installing a cluster with Bright is much easier and faster.”

“It’s also helpful to us that Bright has a complete development environment with everything we need. We were using Rocks and other open source toolkits, wasting far too much time on customization and keeping the various tool versions synchronized. We were reluctant to make changes to the system — it created too much overhead.”

— Dr. Michael Wormit, Massey University


Universidade do Vale do Paraíba


“We were looking for a cluster management solution that would remove the complexity of managing our CPU/GPU cluster. We are researchers, not sysadmins, and prefer to spend our time on science. We chose Bright because it’s efficient, easy to learn and use, and takes little of our time to get the most out of our HPC cluster. Further, we needed a solution that would easily scale as we expand our system.”

“Bright’s unified environment is a big advantage for us.”

— Dr. Irapuan Rodrigues, Professor of Physics at UNIVAP


Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University logo

“HPC provides the backbone for our research. We rely on Bright Cluster Manager as part of our larger HPC environment. Its easy to use and displays critical information such as dips in CPU performance in a graphically appealing interface. This allows us to always have critical information available.”

— Rob Hetland, Associate Professor at Department of Oceanography, Texas A&M University

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454 Life Sciences Roche

454 Life Sciences logo

“We are a longtime user of Bright Cluster Manager, and have benefited from its totally integrated approach and intuitive interface.”

“We are excited about the possibility of using Bright to burst into the cloud and instantly increase compute power as and when required.”

— Asya Shklyar, Key Account Manager at Roche



Drexel logo

“Bright Cluster Manager was a good choice for us. I’m a scientist, not a system manager.”

“The Bright GUI is intuitive and extremely easy to use. I can do everything I need to do on the system remotely — I almost never visit our cluster. I get alerts when attention is required, and am able to hand off much of the overall system management with confidence to an enthusiastic undergraduate.”

— Dr. Steve McMillan, Professor of Physics and Atmospheric Science at Drexel University


Bordeaux 1

Bordeaux 1 logo

“In the end Bright Computing's flexible user portal and its powerful cluster management software was an important part of our decision.”

— Pierre Gay, Lead Systems Administrator at University Bordeaux 1



DICE logo

“Developed to meet the increasing demands of today's HPC data centers, Bright Cluster Manager provides the capacity, scalability and interoperability to centrally manage clusters over locally and widely distributed and heterogeneous HPC infrastructures.”

— Roger Panton, Executive Director of the DICE program


Goethe University Frankfurt

Goethe University Frankfurt logo

“Our uniquely complex cluster represents a difficult management challenge, which is why we chose Bright Cluster Manager.”

“We needed a solution we could trust, and Bright's proven success in managing complex systems combining x86 and GPU technologies won us over.”

“We are thrilled with how Bright's comprehensive, yet easy-to-use solution helps us manage and control our very important supercomputer.”

“We are pleased to run Bright Cluster Manager on the LOEWE-CSC system because it has already proven itself on another TOP500-class supercomputer at our university.”

— Prof. Volker Lindenstruth, Chair for HPC Architecture at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies


ING Corporate Investments

ING logo

“We have thoroughly evaluated both the company and its technology and have concluded that Bright is well-positioned to shake up its market and greatly extend its reach.”

“I'm impressed by Bright's rapid success in the market. Many large research, academic and commercial organizations in the US and Europe are using Bright to manage their complex systems.”

— Maarten Hopman, Head of Corporate Investments at ING


University of Groningen

University of Groningen logo

“The Bright Cluster Manager software makes the management and monitoring of the cluster very efficient and easy, and it offers a clear insight into the status of the cluster at all times.”

— Hans Gankema, Manager Server Infrastructure at the University of Groningen


Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia Labs logo

“We are using several clusters of different size, architecture and complexity, and they are essential tools for our research. We require a cluster management solution that provides the flexibility to accomplish our diverse requirements, spanning from production to research and development.”

— James H. Laros III, Principal Member of the Technical Staff and Computer Scientist at Sandia


University of Houston

University of Houston logo

“I am very impressed with the efficiency achieved with Bright Cluster Manager. Our cluster with 1280 cores was up and running within a few hours, ready for integration into our HPC environment. Now it is continuing to save our system administrators valuable time.”

— Prof. Lennart Johnsson, Director of the TLC2 and the Advanced Computing Research Laboratory at the University of Houston

“For example, we like to setup our clusters with specific network configurations. Unlike previously used solutions, with Bright Cluster Manager this was very easy to configure through the intuitive GUI or the powerful command line shell. We have tried many different cluster management solutions in the past. We found Bright Cluster Manager to have a well integrated centralized management interface which is powerful and flexible enough to accommodate our specific configuration requirements.”

— Dr. Ioannis Konstantinidis, Research Development Officer at the University of Houston

“The centralized status and health information database simplifies troubleshooting and reduces service disturbances.”

— Erik Engquist, Systems Administrator at the University of Houston

“Our cluster with 1280 cores was up and running within a few hours, ready for integration into our HPC environment. Now it is continuing to save our system administrators valuable time.”

— Prof. Lennart Johnsson, University of Houston


Technical University of Eindhoven

Technical University of Eindhoven logo

“We have been using Bright Cluster Manager for more than half a year now and can recommend it to anyone who wants a complete and easy-to-use software solution for his HPC cluster.”

“Using Bright Cluster Manager is a completely different experience from using the open source cluster management solutions that you can download off the web. Its GUI is very intuitive to use and offers all functionality I need as an administrator on a day-to-day basis.”

— Erik Smeets, Systems Administrator at the Technical University of Eindhoven



CD-adapco logo

“Our partnership with ClusterVision and Bright Computing has greatly helped us to setup our new cluster in a short time frame and their support engineers have been responsive and helpful.”

— Dr. Christian Fauchier, CD-adapco

“Bright Cluster Manager has many features that make it easy for us to manage the cluster and allow us to focus on running our CFD and CAE applications.”

“Bright Cluster Manager is a comprehensive cluster management solution that provides all the functionality that we need here at CD-adapco. Our key applications — STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD — were easy to install and run well on the cluster.”

— Philip Jones, Euro IT Director at CD-adapco