OpenStack Technical Training

This course consists of 9 videos that will help you get started building clouds with Bright OpenStack. We will introduce you to setting up Ceph for storage, and using Cloud Bursting to expand your cloud to keep up with demand.

The course will help you learn how to deploy, manage, use, and inspect OpenStack with the Bright Cluster Management GUI (CMGUI). This video series lets you dive deeper into the Bright OpenStack architecture, and learn more about the product’s capabilities.

You will also be able to see Bright OpenStack in action as the instructors demonstrate how to use it on a live system. Once you’re done watching these videos, you will be familiar with the installation and configuration process and ready to try it on your own systems.

The module is delivered by Piotr Wachowicz, Team Lead Cloud at Bright Computing.

Piotr is passionate about clouds, networking, AI, and all things virtual and software defined. He's been working with OpenStack, AWS, and other cloud platform for several years. His daily focus includes looking after the deployment process, and proper configuration of Bright OpenStack, as well as helping to look after the company’s OpenStack/Ceph based private/hybrid cloud. In the past, Piotr presented various Cloud-related topics at events like OpenStack Summit Austin, OpenStack Summit Barcelona, SDI Summit Santa Clara, OpenStack Day UK in Bristol, OpenStack Day Canada in Montreal, Bright User Group in Frankfurt and Salt Lake City.

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Course Overview

Find out what you will learn in this course.

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OpenStack Technical Training — Introduction to Clouds and OpenStack .png

Introduction to Clouds and OpenStack

In this video we answer several key questions: Why clouds? Why OpenStack clouds? Why Bright OpenStack, and what makes it better than vanilla OpenStack?

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OpenStack Technical Training — Introduction to Ceph.png

Introduction to Ceph

In this video we cover the basics of Ceph, a distributed, redundant, object storage system. Ceph is often used in conjunction with OpenStack to provide storage for Nova, Glance, and Cinder (some of the key components of OpenStack).

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OpenStack Technical Training — Selecting Hardware for Ceph.png

Selecting Hardware for Ceph

Architecting a high performance Ceph storage cluster is not trivial. Picking the right combination of hardware is of crucial importance. In this video we will cover how to go about selecting the right hardware for your Ceph storage cluster to achieve optimal performance, and to make your OpenStack clouds really fly.

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OpenStack Technical Training — Cloud Bursting.png

Cloud Bursting

In this video we discuss different ways of bursting into the cloud using a feature called Bright Cluster Manager Cluster Extension, which extends your on-premise cluster into the cloud. We also cover a feature called cluster on demand, which makes it easy to create a self-contained cluster on premises or in the public cloud whenever you need to.

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OpenStack Technical Training — Deploying OpenStack.png

Deploying OpenStack

In this video we have a look at how easy it is to deploy OpenStack with Bright. The video goes step-by-step through the CMGUI OpenStack deployment wizard.

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OpenStack Technical Training — Managing OpenStack with CMGUI.png

Managing OpenStack with CMGUI

In this video we cover the basics of managing your Bright OpenStack cloud with CMGUI, from the cloud admin's perspective.

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OpenStack Technical Training — Using OpenStack  .png

Using OpenStack

This video covers the basics of the OpenStack's web user interface, the Horizon dashboard. We take you through the process of launching a new instance (VM), from the end-user's perspective.

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OpenStack Technical Training — Inspecting OpenStack with CMGUI.png

Inspecting OpenStack with CMGUI

This video shows how a cloud admin can use CMGUI to inspect the OpenStack resources created by the users.

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My job would become very difficult if we stopped using Bright Cluster Manager. Bright makes managing our complex system intuitive and easy.

Bill Marmagas
Sr. Systems Engineer at VBI

We have been using Bright Cluster Manager for more than half a year now and can recommend it to anyone who wants a complete and easy-to-use software solution for his HPC cluster.

Erik Smeets
Systems Administrator at the Technical University of Eindhoven